veluwe 3

Sitting next to the driver, I erected wooden sculptures along the roads just by blinking my eyes. The Veluwe became infected with them as we drove on.



My early statues all had big mouths. I still don't know if this is significant. I have always been a quiet person.



She came in, sat down, looked at me and said :"Are you comfortable? Do you like it?..........Are you comfortable? Do you like it ?" She didn't stop saying :"Are you comfortable?....Do you like it? " She had gone out of her mind completely in a split second.In the end she was taken away from my home by people in grey.



Overlooking the neighbours.


london, the city

A concrete jungle spreading along the river.

london, sutton

Most gardens are only used to look at from a room. A green image to ward off the concrete threat.

London,the City

If you don't allow people to look in, you won't be able to look out yourself.

London,the City

People work there...


Leaving a harbour is different from leaving a station or airport.


loenen 4

Having breakfast and always wondering what the world would be like without hedges and fences and walls in front of windows.


loenen 3

Looking back but going forward.

loenen 2

They said a puma had been sighted on the other side of the hedge a few months ago.

loenen 1

The day before he told me he was writing a book. An autobiography. The main character being a 14-year-old girl.