boz 5254

boz 5253

boz 5252

boz 5251

This is a zone for loading
and unloading only !
( frank zappa)


Triptych right.

boz 5202

Triptych centre.

boz 5201

Triptych left.

boz 5174

Looking for Merlin.

boz 5173

Gloomily looming in the distance.

boz 5171

Straight ahead.


oostende ravelingen 5341

Waiting for what ?

de panne 5323

Without the bar we would plunge straight
into the sea like lemmings.Car and all.

de panne 5322

See what I mean!

de panne 5321

The closer you can get your car,
the less you have to move yourself.

de panne 5320

Say cheese !

oostende 52


oostende 5295

If you go any closer,your feet
will get wet.

oostende 5293

How does it feel to be on your
own...like a rolling stone?
(Bob Dylan)

oostende 5292

One of the best things about
foreign countries is the foreignness
they have about them.

oostende 5289

If you haven't a clue where to
stay.Use a boat.

oostende 5288

Ships always come in different
sizes.Usually too big to sail but
big enough to show off in a harbour.

oostende 5287

There are so many places
to lay your head for the night.

oostende 5286

The start of a trip along the
Belgian coast by tramway.

antwerpen 5283


There's enough blue in the sky
to make a Dutchman's trousers of.
(Scottish saying)


stalland 274

That day, after having a mussel meal,
they embarked and sailed into oblivion.

stalland 271

If you oppose to views you build your house
behind a dyke.

stalland 263

Now Nancy takes an occasional glance.

stalland 264

This must definitely have been the
view that delighted her lovely eyes,
spoke William.

boz hq sva

Life is hell here ! No survivors.

boz hq sva

A watchful eye is necessary to survive.

boz hq sva

A good
the bonds
of friendship.

boz headquarters sva