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Though strictly prohibited, smoke emits from her funnel while she leaves the harbour.

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One of them is leaving for Accra loaded with yesterday's news. A resounding HOOOOOT deafens the ear and thrills the waving masses.

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At the quay ships are loading and unloading while a patient piano is waiting out of key.


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Behind chicken wire a man is seemingly asleep and moving about restlessly while a nervous hand writes a wordless story.


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Telltaling scars on a wall.

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Digging for the past.The local obsession.


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Water has been replaced by bricks. Ships by cars.

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Old houses harbouring generations of residents.

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Always close to his work , in every sense, but still not recognized.

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Standing on the bridge, he saw no meeting vessels in the distance.

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If tended to properly (shield them from views) your monitors will multiply on the window-sill.


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Just after breakfast.